32% of the population

suffers from chronic pain caused by tension

89% of them use heat

as an optimal measure to relieve tension and pain effectively

For centuries, heat has been regarded

as a therapeutic healing method against tension and pain.

How does thermo therapy work?

The transmission of pain impulses to our brain enables us to perceive pain. These impulses are only suppressed by known painkillers and are not efficiently cured. With the application of heat, the blood circulation in the tissue and the muscles is stimulated, blockades are released and the body can relax. An optimal application is reached with a constant temperature of 42°C. This happens regardless of whether the heat is supplied to the whole body or only to certain body regions.



  • Reduction of muscle tension/relaxation of the musculature
  • Reduction of stiffness/increase of mobility
  • Pain relief
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Increase of the metabolism/intensification of biochemical processes
  • Calming of the nervous system and respiration


More than just a normal thermopad

Calopad is the world’s first smart and reusable thermopad. It enables new forms of thermotherapy that not only passively but also actively investigates the root cause of pain.

Unlike conventional thermopads, Calopad is reusable. Due to the modular design, the thermal pads can be easily replaced. The controller can of course be used for a longer time – up to 5 years. The built-in rechargeable battery enables immediate heat release at a constant 42°C and can be easily recharged.

The intelligent mode enables a form of interaction therapy based on the proven Kneipp method. The Calopad switches on and off automatically to achieve optimum stimulation of warm and cold.

heats up immediately

Within seconds Calopad generates a therapeutic deep heat of 42°C.


It is possible to switch between different forms of heat therapy


Calopad allows an individual and personal heat therapy


High-tech device for an individual heat therapy

Various forms of therapy

Calopad supports two main forms of therapy:

  1. Mode 1 provides a constant and therapeutically optimal heat of 42°C.
  2. Mode 2 is a so-called interaction thermo therapy. In this type of therapy, constant heat is provided for 10 minutes and then switched off again for 10 minutes. This cycle is repeated automatically. More information about the interaction can be found here.
  3. Useful information such as error messages and charging status are shown in the display.

Existing as well as new forms of thermo therapies are constantly being developed with our medical specialists.

Main controller

The controller is the main element of Calopad and supplies the thermal foils with the necessary energy, which is provided by an integrated battery. In addition to the battery, there are many individual sensors in the controller which can measure and evaluate your well-being in relation to heat therapy.

The control unit is reusable for years!

Thermal foils

The heat foil can easily be sticked to the painful spot and then attached to the control unit by magnets. As soon as the thermal foil is connected to the controller, it can be operated via the button on the right side of the controller.

For hygienic reasons, the adhesive thermal foils should be replaced after 2-3 applications.

Health data

The Calopad mobile app is your digital thermal therapist, who responds individually to your condition and suggests optimal trigger point therapy forms. In addition, the entire Calopad can be operated via the app.

Moreover, exciting information about your therapy progress and your well-being can be retrieved and analyzed.


Calopad is an intrinsically safe product. The temperature is measured by the effective resistance coating on the heating foil, which is directly on the skin.

Temperatures above 42°C are not possible.

Easy to use

As soon as the thermal foil is connected to the control unit, it can be operated via the button on the right side.

The integrated rechargeable battery allows you to use Calopad on the go.


A big advantage of Calopad is its reusability. The lifetime of the control unit is several years. The thermal foil can be used about three times until it has to be replaced by a new thermal foil.

New thermal foils can be ordered at any time.


The Triggerpoint treatment has been indispensable for the therapy of muscle tension since the 1950s.

In combination with thermo therapy, these muscle regions can be supplied with more targeted blood, regenerated, relaxed and purified.


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